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Principal's Notes: 明星 Testing

Three times annually, students take a brief assessment known as 明星. This very brief assessment generates a grade equivalent in both mathematics and reading.

This year we made the decision to post the scores on each student's PowerSchool 页面. If you visit their 页面 and click on the icon next to their name you will see the scores. Scores are reported as a GE (grade equivalent). The grade equivalent (if the student is on grade level) should be 9.1 for 9th grade, 10.1 for 10th grade and 11.11年级1名. Scores are correlated with the 行为 benchmarks (see chart below). The 行为 benchmark is the minimum 行为 test score required for students to have a high probability of success in a class at the college level.  

As we work together if you have any questions please let me know. Learning loss is real, but by working together and reinforcing the importance of academics students
will continue to be successful.

明星 年级相当于: A norm-referenced score that represents how a student's test performance compares with other students nationally.

主题 行为


英语 18 10.1
阅读 22 12.9+
数学 22 8.4

提示: Tuesday was the last day for class changes. 每个学校的政策, "After the first five days of class, students may withdraw (from a class), but will not be allowed to join another class in progress."

About Notre Dame Academy: Notre Dame Academy is located in Green Bay, 威斯康辛州, and is a co-ed Catholic high school founded by the Norbertine Order, 姐妹的圣. Joseph of Carondelet and the Diocese of Green Bay. NDA’s distinctive history embraces the more than 120-year foundation of St. Joseph Academy, Abbot Pennings High School and Our Lady of Premontre High School. NDA offers a globally focused education with a leading IB Diploma Program. Its high-caliber educational community is focused on outstanding learning and creating a lifetime of opportunity for all students.

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